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Our History

The Company was formed in January 1999 at Wesley Methodist Church on Hoxton Road in Scarborough as a platoon of the 2nd Scarborough Company. 

We started with Anchors and there were 17 young people on the first night!  The 'Juniors’ age group was soon needed and within a year or so we had a Company Section also.  Many of our company’s current staff team were there on the first night and some of our youngest members in the early years are now officers in the company.

In 2006 Wesley Methodist faced closure and the company was offered a new home at Queen Street Methodist Central Hall and we became 5th Scarborough at the same time.

In 2007 the founding Captain Chris Bairstow stepped down and Mike Colbeck took over and he remains Captain at the present time. 

Our company has always been built on a base of member retention all the way through from Anchors to Seniors and we regularly award 10 year Service Certificates to our older members.

The staff team at 5th Scarborough is made up of a mixture of experience and youth with many of our team coming through from the lads’ ranks and into leadership.  Many of our team have been trained through the BB’s KGVI leadership programme.

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